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Monday, October 01, 2007

A New 'Ground Zero' in the Abortion Wars

This is another take on the Aurora abortion clinic fight that appeared on RealClearPolitics

By Dennis Byrne

In a huge tactical blunder, Planned Parenthood has managed to turn a Chicago suburb into "ground zero" in the abortion wars.

Planned Parenthood's decision to try to secretly open an abortion clinic in Aurora, Illinois exploded in its face when pro-life organizations discovered the subterfuge only weeks before the clinic was scheduled to open its doors. The attempted deception now has rallied pro-life groups from around the country to the cause and helped energize 40-day abortion clinic vigils in 80 cities.

No small part in firing up pro-life forces was Planned Parenthood's unabashed excuse for deceiving Aurora officials about the purpose of the clinic: Disclosure would stir up opposition, create ugly protest and ignite violence. One pro-life group, infuriated at Planned Parenthood's accusations of criminality and violence has threatened to sue for libel.

Read more at RealClearPolitics


Carol said...

My husband is an owner of one of the contractors hired by PPCA to work on this facility.

I am sincerely grateful to Planned Parenthood for protecting my family, as well as the families of every other contractor, from having to deal with the same threatening and harassing tactics that the forced-pregnancy crowd has used in other communities.

If the forced-pregnancy crowd wants to complain about PP's "deception" in this matter, I suggest they come from a position of clean hands. Otherwise, I hardly see that they have any moral high ground from which to argue.

Darris said...


I hardly know anything about you, yet your language reveals you as a religious zealot who will never attempt to find a common ground between you and your enemies. I find it laughable that the most righteous are often times the most intolerant. Abortion is an easy hot button issue to rally the uneducated. If you really had peace and love in your heart (as Jesus would want), you would find ways to understand those who don't share your view. Instead, you call them liars and murderers. Just like Fred Phelps will never curb homosexuality with his hatred, you will never curb abortion by attempting to demoralize your opponent. Education and understanding are the only true paths toward mutual peace and respect. Hopefully you can use your voice at the Tribune to promote peace instead the usual divisive rhetoric.