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Monday, October 01, 2007

Abortion protesters file libel suit against Planned Parenthood

By James Kimberly
Tribune staff reporter

Abortion protesters sued Planned Parenthood/Chicago Area for libel Monday, contending advertisements and mailings from the organization falsely accused them of advocating violence and criminal activity.

The lawsuit filed Monday in Kane County Circuit Court lists 19 plaintiffs, Aurora residents who are opposed to the clinic that Planned Parenthood wants to open at New York Street and Oakhurst Drive on the city's east side.

On Sept. 6 and 10, Planned Parenthood/Chicago Area published a full-page advertisement in the Aurora Beacon News containing a photograph of an abortion clinic that had been destroyed by an arson fire. The ad said the Pro-Life Action League and its President Joe Scheidler "have a well-documented history of advocating violence against both persons and property, as well as other related criminal activity."

Eric Scheidler, Joe Scheidler's son and spokesman for the Pro-Life Action League, is one of the 19 plaintiffs. The lawsuit was filed against Planned Parenthood/Chicago Area, its president, Steve Trombley, and its subsidiary, Gemini Office Development LLC, which built a Planned Parenthood clinic at New York Street and Oakhurst Drive in Aurora. The lawsuit did not name the Aurora newspaper as a defendant.

"You cannot accuse the peaceful citizens of violent crimes and advocating violence simply because you disagree with their message," said Tom Brejcha, an attorney with Thomas More Society of Chicago.

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Carol said...

Oh my. Well, good luck with that one. I hope they're not too disappointed when it gets dismissed.