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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Keith Olbermann says the waterboarding debate is over

After Chicago radio talker Mancow gives up after 6 seconds and calls waterboarding "absolute torture" Olbermann--the hard left's version of Rush Limbaugh--proclaims the debate is over.

Perhaps, but perhaps too you should know of a fact that Olbermann has left out when he said a detainee had been waterboard 142 times. According to the torture memos that the Obama administration unwisely released, "a single application of water may not last more than 40 seconds," and the number of individual applications of water lasting 10 seconds or longer may not exceed six."

There are other restrictions that Olbermann failed to mention, but I'd attribute that to ignorance based on the assumption that he did not read the memos. Or, if he had, deceit.

The length of time will not matter to some, arguing that for whatever length of time it takes, it's all waterboarding. That's fine. But Olbermann at least should tell the entire story.

Story in the Chicago Tribune

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

This is complete BS. Saying the length of time allowed (assuming it was followed) is like saying the length of the bamboo shoots matters. Whether it's one inch or ten inches, it's torture. And whether it's ten seconds or 30 seconds, it doesn't matter... It's still torture.

I can't believe that I still hear Americans defending this practice to any extent. It is a terrible reflection on the state of our culture. And now we hear that the torture photos show rapes of prisoners, and the prior administration did nothing about it. How far have we fallen from our ideals.