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Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Big Victory for Daley in Suburban Elections

By Dennis Byrne
Chicago Daily Observer

Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley wasn’t on the ballots in Bensenville or Des Plaines, yet he won resounding victories in the northwestern suburbs when his candidates for town leadership swept away their competition.

Daley’s successful assault on the towns now leaves serious questions about the viability of any remaining opposition to O’Hare Airport expansion. For the Chicago Boss, it has to be a sweet climax to his decade-long campaign to silence elected suburban opposition to the $16-billion-plus airport enlargement.

In Bensenville, he broke the back of O’Hare Airport expansion opposition by vanquishing President John Geils and in Des Plaines, he strengthened his pro-expansion tentacles with the mayoral election of the pro-expansion Martin Moylan.

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1 comment:

Diane said...

Daley has already ruined Park Ridge and the far northwest side of Chicago with his airport expansion. It's obvious he cares more about lining his cronies pockets and impressing the Olympic committee than he does about the people that live here and pay the taxes. King Daley - let us know where the new runway will be so that our next house won't require landing lights on the roof.