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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

60% Say Government Has Too Much Power, Too Much Money

Rasmussen Reports also finds that 85 percent of Mainstream Americans say that government has too much power and money, while only two percent of the "political class" agree.

Bad news for Obama?

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Anonymous said...

You refer to the "political class" like it's some sort of inherited position and "mainstream America" like it's a representation of the majority of people. The former is obviously not true... we live with elected officials. The latter apparently isn't true, or we wouldn't have such a disparity between the beliefs of "mainstream America" and politicians, who are elected by a majority of the American people.

I am a conservative American. I don't want the government in my life (or yours) any more than it needs to be. That means striking a balance between regulating adverse behavior and personal freedom. The poster child issue that defines what is wrong with the right wingnuts is banning gay marriage. Gay marriage hurts noone, but the right wingers think it is their duty to protect themselves from the personal freedom of others. You'd have a different opinion on this if the state decided to ban marriage between, let's say, consenting adult bloggers. It would make no sense.