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Friday, March 20, 2009

Special Olympics chief responds to Obama gaffe

In comparing his dismal bowling game to the Special Olympics, President Barack Obama's crew immediately realized that he had stepped in it. An apology rang out from the White House even before the tape of the remark aired on the Jay Leno show.

Which offered Timothy Shriver, Special Olympics chairman, an opportunity to suggest that partial atonement might be achieved by hiring a Special Olympian for the White House.

If George W. Bush had made the same gaffe when he was president, and Shriver had made the same suggestion, looney left blogs would be buzzing with the rejoinder that the White House already has a Special Olympian working there--in the Oval Office.

Cable comic show clowns, of course, would never let us forget that Bush had made the gaffe, but with Obama in the Oval Office, look for this gnat to leave our attention before the next sunrise.

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