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Sunday, March 01, 2009

Rush Limbaugh is the leader of the Republican Party

Once more it's not what is being said that's important for so many of my simpleminded colleagues, but who is saying it and how it is being said. What not engage in a debate over ideas rather than focusing, like this sorry article, on putting down the speaker and his adherents?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

OK...let's debate ideas! Ah, what "ideas" did you have in mind? The verdict is in on the ones you've been pushing since Reagan! IT FAILED!!! AGAIN! The Republicans and Conservatives haven't had any new ideas since being against integration in the 50's! The only way you get support for your ideology is to lie and scare the pants off those too simple minded to see through the deceit. First the Communists were coming to distroy their shacks...then the "n"-loving liberals...then the unions...then the the socialists...what's next? Aliens?
The good news is, your "free market" unregulated capitalism has finally come back to bite you in the butt and the poor white folks who thought you were talking to them when you swayed their votes with promises of an "American Dream" that included only them have begun to see through the hipe!
So you guys just continue to worry about the stock market and the crooks you turned loose to skew the "real" moral fabric of America and we'll continue with the work on making the United States live up to it's promise of life, liberty and justice for ALL... without your short sighted, self-interested, input...Thank God!