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Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Glib Gibbs

Asked if President Obama would accept Rush Limbaugh's invitation for a head-to-head debate, press secretary Robert Gibbs said something about shutting off his television and not having a radio. Clever.

As Obama sinks the nation into a deeper and deeper mess, he and his White House are increasingly less willing to engage in a substantive debate, instead attempting to make witicisms about "who is the Republican spokesman?" and engaging in personal attacks.

Obama, who hasn't missed a single opportunity to make himself public (before friendly crowds), will use the excuse that a president debate critics, which historically is true (except during re-election campaigns). But it sure would be nice if the White House responded with substantive arguments, for a change.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Can't Obma's teleprompter be programmed to flash responses to Limbaugh's expected conservative arguments so that Obama can sound glib and authoritative?

It's hard for him to function without his cheat sheet because he might accidently blurt out what he is really trying to do to the economy and the country. It "wouldn't do" for ordinary people to hear the truth of his intentions.