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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Ruin Your Health With the Obama Stimulus Plan

Here is the first of many rats to be discovered lurking in the "stimulus" package: Cracking down on health care choices, loss of your doctor's ability to treat you as best he can and nationalization of your health care records, to be reviewed by a federal health czar to determine if you are being treated as the federal government decides you should be treated. Seniors will be most affected.

Tom Daschle may be gone, but his stink remains in this attempt to seek nationalized health care into the "stimulus" bill.


Anonymous said...

All these silly seniors, so many of them women, who thought Obama was cute and well-intentioned and who didn't do due diligence in the thinking department just signed their own euthanasia orders. Thanks, a lot Doofuses; I knew better and now have to share your well-deserved fate.

We don't' even know the half of the loss of our freedoms awaiting us in this non-stimulus bill (which was finalized without any Republicans in the room so we don't know what else was crammed in before sending it to Obama).


Anonymous said...

Wait until the Boomers find out what's going on with this one. Too late mcgee. It's going to be a done deal and we'll have to live with it. Aaargh.