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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Sarah Palin: Will Caroline Kennedy get 'kid-glove' treatment from media? --

This paragraph showed up in the middle of a story about Sarah Palin asking whether the media will treat Caroline Kennedy's aspirations for a Senate seat with the same kind of treatment the Alaskan governor received in he quest for the vice presidency:
The media have published numerous reports containing criticism of Kennedy's lack of experience in elective office.
If you read the entire AP Story in which that paragraph appeared, you'll see that the paragraph was inserted by the reporter or the editor, without attribution. In other words, it was the reporter's/editor's own response to Palin's question. Whether or not the media treats the aspirations of the two women the same, the inserted paragraph should be attributed to someone, or it should provide some evidence that the statement is correct.

This is poor journalism, which is evidence of either incompetence or the bias that Palin believes exists. Are they teaching any of this in journalism schools anymore?

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