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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

More baloney from the New York Times

In a long article, the New York Times implies that President-elect Barack Obama's good government motives are what inspired him to push for an Illinois ethics bill that indirectly led to Gov. Rod Blagojevich's downfall.


The truth is that Obama had to be pushed to do it, as explained in my Chicago Tribune column at the time.

Pressure had been growing in the good government community for Obama to live up to his image as a reformer by picking up the phone to call Sen. President Emil Jones, a Blagojevich ally who had blocked a vote on the ethics legislation. Obama acted only after his stubborn refusal to involve himself threatened to seriously tarnish his good guy image during the campaign.

None of this was made clear in the New York Times article, but what do you expect?

1 comment:

Ed Note said...

yes, denny, you are absolutely correct. i can't imaging NOT feeling ashamed of myself if i had shunned the ethics bill issue the way b.o. had.

it was done in the finest of chicago traditions: omerta. kass had it right as well (for a change).