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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Racism among Obama's supporters.

Sun-Times columnist Laura Washington demands ("President Obama will have debts to pay") that if Barack Obama is elected, he must carry out a "black agenda." Said she:

...[H]e will step into the Oval Office courtesy of overwhelming turnouts dug out of the red hills of Georgia and the gritty concrete of Newark.

There will be a debt to pay.

Amazing. We have been constantly reminded that the Obama campaign has been devoid of "race." The PBS Newshour tonight spent an entire segment analyzing just how large a factor white racism has played in the election. (The panel seemed to conclude that it was a "second tier" factor.) Overlooked was a discussion about how important black racism has played in the election. Judging by Washington's demand, it has played a big factor in the minds of some of his supporters.


David M. said...

Dennis, this is blatant racism on your part! Firstly, Laura Washington is not part of Obama’s campaign. Secondly, is it racism to support a candidate because they share your values or history? Is it wrong when, for example, Catholics vote for Catholics, and at the same time expect that somehow their values will be reflected in their policies? Was it wrong when the Bush “mandate” was pronounced in 2004? Is it wrong when the families of children with disabilities support Palin because she shares that burden? Why again is Laura Washington’s statement “racism”?

Honestly, Dennis, you are not helping society at all. Your arguments are weak or deceptive; you have very limited understanding of the issues. You only fuel disagreement maybe thinking this is in itself productive. It is only productive if there is some truth – your arguments lack that. You really should think of hanging up your pen – we can survive without you!!

Anonymous said...

Black Racism is a guarded subject. It is rooted in a shared enemy of color and fueled by hatred in Black Liberationist Churches. Catholics vote for Catholics, and Conservatives and Liberals vote for their separate likenesses with much the same ease. But when the color of your skin substitutes for issues or issues are born based on the color of your skin, then racism takes precedence and begs a solution regardless of merit.
Our shared values, goodness, prosperity, family, truth, are colorless. These are lived by choices we make each day, and cannot be legislated. We reap what we sow.
What do African Americans hope to gain from an Obama Presidency? Do African Americans believe that White Racism is so prevalent that they cannot succeed without legislating success?
The success or failure of past and present Public policy to aid minorities depends on each ones personal investment. Success is ninety percent perspiration and perseverance.
African Americans must leave the neighborhood, figuratively and literally. It’s ironic when you think about the Irish, Italians, and Mexicans, that for them leaving the neighborhood was a sign of success. It often meant that difficulties lay ahead and new obstacles will present more challenges.
“Clinging to guns and religion” was not a misguided statement. “Clinging” is the subject. Those that cling to the past will forever live in the past. That’s ok for our grandparents, but not for our children. We that read these things today are of an age and understanding that we live in the in-between world of our parents past and our children’s future and are a bridge of reason from the way things were, to the way things will be.
Teach your children respect for others and that effort brings rewards. Teach them not to blame others and encourage them to try another way or make a greater effort. It’s not about gain from others; it’s about the things you give yourself.