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Monday, September 08, 2008

Obama has made up his mind

When asked about whether he favored choice for public school students, Barack Obama said he'd think about it with an open mind.

Apparently, he has decided--at least for himself: He favors choice. Today, he took his kids to school in Chicago, a fancy, expensive private school. Tuition at the school, the University of Chicago Lab School in Hyde Park, is more than $20,000, twice what Chicago public schools spend per student. That's even more than the $17,000 that the New Trier High school district, on the wealthy North Shore spends on each of his kids. Maybe the Rev. James Meeks should lead a protest against the Lab School, as he did at New Trier, to protest funding disparities.

Of course, Obama said he had an open mind after he said he didn't, when he told the American Federation of Teachers he is opposed to school vouchers, referring to the “tired rhetoric about vouchers and school choice.”

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Dennis, it's obvious that you opinion is not unbiased and... Just because McCain's speech was not an ear tickler like Barack Hussein Obama; you shouldn't mock him. You under estimate the readers of your article and... Your article was awful. Try reporting the new and not spreading your biased opinion. You don't have that kind of pull.

Cheers, Obama Supporter