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Thursday, September 11, 2008

What we've all been waiting for: Roger Ebert's review of Sarah Palin

Roger Ebert, blessed with the wisdom that comes from sitting in a dark theatre looking at a movie screen for, what?, tens of thousands of hours over his lifetime, piles on Republican vice presidential candidate, Sarah Palin. Read it here if you can stand it.

After wandering around, in apparent confusion about what to describe as the worst of Palin's faults (one of them being she's just unbearably common) he appears to have settled on this: She's been out of the country only once. And that, gasp, wasn't at the Festival de Cannes. Lord, lord, how can a person like her know anything at all about the real world?

Well, maybe Ebert can explain why wisdom automatically comes from being a world traveler. Which would make jet setters--the company that Ebert prefers--the wisest, smartest people in the world. There's a logical falacy, a missing middle term as it might be called, in Ebert's reasoning:

A. Some world travelers are wise.
B. Palin is not a world traveler
C. Therefore Palin is not wise.

Even freshmen logic students would recognize this fallacy. That Ebert doesn't suggests that his world travels haven't done him much good in the smarts department.

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