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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Aw, fugetit

The quintessential East Coast liberal establishment magazine, the New Yorker, is taking it on the chin for its cover depicting the Obama couple as...supposedly...the right wing would have everyone believe: Barack as a Muslim quisling and Michelle as, I'm not really sure, an armed terrorist.

So, New Yorker, how does it feel now to be accused of causing offense? Usually, the charges are reserved for anyone who doesn't agree with the handed down wisdom of the politically correct left.

But, wait. It's not the Obama campaign that should be offended by this cover. It is not a representation, I dare say, of what the average voter who doesn't like Obama thinks. Can those of us who disagree with some of his policies not have to suffer being labeled Baracknophobes? Can we be separated from the goofballs who, indeed, think he is a Muslim quisling? This is the real slander behind the cover, but since it's Obama's opponents who are being painted with such a broad brush, who should care?

I don't. It comes with the territory.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Dennis said: "It's not the Obama campaign that should be offended by this cover."

This is foolishness.