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Friday, May 23, 2008

Dan Seals' campaign ploy offering cheap gas snarls traffic

Up in the North Shore's 10th congressional district, Democrat candidate Dan Seals was surprised that his offer of $1.89-a-gallon gas tied up traffic in Lincolnshire for a mile and a half. Only about 50 motorists got to the pump, and the rest sat fruitlessly in line, idling away gasoline and polluting the air. Not exactly the "greenest" political stunt, but it sure shows voters what kind of mind they'd be dealing with if he replaced incumbent Republican Mark Kirk.

Oh, yes, while his campaign workers were handing out bumper stickers to waiting motorists, Seals told a reporter, "We're not asking people to vote for me." A good reason not to.

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papakotenka said...

I heard yesterday that the IL Tollway people are preparing paperwork for their own privatization. Last time it was valued at 24 billion. Looks like they will use this as a base for the capital construction bill.

'After me, the deluge' says the Legislature and Blago.