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Friday, February 15, 2008

Finding an answer for the NIU shootings

By Dennis Byrne
Chicago Daily Observer

Well before we even knew the name of the gunman in the Northern Illinois University killing spree, some people already knew why he did it. Guns. Or, not guns.

And so, another tiresome argument over gun control was reignited, with both sides spilling their invective all over the Internet. The victims, their families and friends deserve better. If we have to discuss it, at least let the discussion be a little more intelligent and respectful.

Not that we needed another school shooting to begin the discussion. Mass shootings have been occurring with increasing frequency. Just a week ago at Louisiana Technical College in Baton Rouge, a 23-year-old women killed two students, and then herself.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

What seldom gets asked is why we ever allowed people who are mentally disturbed to roam loose to wreck death on other innocents? The ever-so-sensitive Left couldn't bear that anyone be locked away for their own and society's good. Now we have the unhinged on killing sprees and sexual predators living among us -- all time bombs.

Are we ever going to grow up and do the sensible thing again?