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Monday, February 04, 2008

The Choice for Illinois Democrats

By Dennis Byrne

Chicago Daily Observer

When Democratic partisans vote in the Illinois primary Tuesday, they’ll have a choice between two leading candidates, one of which doesn’t want to play by the rules and the other who likes to play hide and seek.

Astonishingly, Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-N.Y.) wants to change the rules in the middle of the primaries in her favor. And her opponent, Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) missed so many Senate votes, it would be hard to tell where he stands; except that one analysis of his voting record shows that he is the Senate’s biggest liberal.

Not much of a choice, if you ask me.

First, Clinton’s wanting to change the rules in midstream:

It involves her “wins” in Michigan and Florida, two states that were stripped of their voting delegates in the Democratic convention because they violated the Democratic National Committee’s orders not to hold their primaries before Super Tuesday.

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1 comment:

lake county democrat said...

I'm probably going to vote for Obama, but the hypocricy of Obama supporters during the primary is stunning. First, they repeatedly played the race card before Hillary Clinton. Imagine if Obama's campaign had issued a press release with the term "D. - Tel Aviv" to highlight her Jewish contributors. Yet that's what Obama did wrt Indian contributions. Then Michelle Obama and Chris Rock made blatant racial identity pitches to African-Americans not to betray their own. Obama is the reformer who refused to buck the Chicago machine once, the anti-torturer who endorsed Richard Daley, the Constitutional Law professor who endorsed Dorothy Tillman, and most of all, the courageous soul who didn't spend an iota of his popularity as a senator on an issue more controversial than Avian Bird Flu. He has a slightly better energy policy, a good idea on opt-in 401(k) savings, and a slightly worse health care policy than Hillary Clinton. But what tips the balance for me (unless I flip again) is that the Clintons really did try to say to white america after South Carolina "hey, the blacks are picking the nominee!" So he'll probably get my vote -- I could join the feel-good Barack bandwagon, but I just can't.