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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Why Can’t Jonathan Succeed?

Ask his old man, if you can find him in this story.

By Dennis Byrne
Human Events

Alas, poor Jonathan; his Washington D.C. high school failed him miserably. He barely passed after years of ditching classes, stringing together a chain of Ds and Fs and acting as if just showing up was reason enough to be awarded a diploma.

This pathetic story was told in a two-part series (here and here) in the Washington Post that rightly indicted the D.C. school system for deep-seated incompetence and indifference. It is worth reading, for what it says, but -- perhaps more importantly -- for what it doesn’t.

Jonathan, in his second attempt to graduate (no explanation was forthcoming about how he even got as far as his senior year), was running out of time, as teacher after counselor bent over backwards to give him every chance possible. Despite papers not turned in and exams flunked (everyone says he’s a bright kid) Jonathan keeps telling himself that he’s going to graduate, as if he had as much contact with reality as the Mad Hatter.

Read more at Human Events

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Donna Davis said...

RE: 11/19/07 Chicago Tribune article

Hillary Clinton may be the senator from New York, but her roots are in Illinois. Her husband is from Arkansas; he was the President of the whole country, unlike the current President who is the President of the oil men and the very rich businessmen. Instead of saying that Hillary and Rudy are both from New York, you would have been mor accurate to say that they are corporate politicians. What we need in this country are leaders like John Edwards, Dennis Kucinich and Ron Paul, men who work for the citizens of this country, for the consstitution and for justice.