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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Stem Cell Breakthrough Uses No Embryos

Told ya so.

For years now, pro-choice fanatics have been insisting that pro-life fanatics have been blocking cures for all sorts of diseases by opposing embryonic stem cell research.

Now, the pro-choice fanatics have been proven wrong, and those who opposed the use of embryonic stem cells because it destroys a human life can take a bow.

They can congratulate themselves because they stuck to their guns when they were slandered as anti-science wackos, who were ready to sacrifice the lives of uncounted millions who suffered from various, fatal diseases, for the sake of something “smaller than a pin prick.”

They can congratulate themselves because it was their insistence on doing what was ethical and right that led to a discovery that today is being compared with the Wright brothers’ first flight.

Read about it here , here and here

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