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Friday, November 30, 2007

Another stunning advance achieved by non-embryonic stem cells

By Dennis Byrne

Thankfully scientists ignored the clatter of Michael J. Fox, assorted Hollywood dolts, left-wing ideologues and media spaniels who insisted on paying no attention to, and even ridiculing, the potential of adult and umbilical cord stem cells.

While Fox and the others were living in their embryonic stem cell nirvana,scientists pursued the most promising route. And here’s the result: a toddler’s stunning recovery from Cerebral Palsy symptoms. View video.

Not that they’ve been slowed down by the recent stunning breakthrough in which stem cells generated from skin cells have the same potential of those generated from embryos. They only dig their heads further in the sand, as this editorial posted on the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research shows.

Stubborn, sad folks


lake county democrat said...

Fairness dictates that we mention that one of the two scientists (the American) who made the recent breakthrough on non-embryonic stem cells is a fierce critic of the government ban and maintains it set back research by a few years. The other is Japanese and receives government funding, so it's hard to argue that our ban on funding led to this breakthrough or that Michael J. Fox and company slowed it down any. I don't like politicization or celebritization of science -- it's a shame Michael Crichton is such a loon on global warming because he has good ideas on how the U.S. government should budget scientific research grants.

Margaret said...

Lake County Democrat clearly knows more than anyone else about the pace of scientific research on stem cells and also knows more than Michael Crichton about global warming. Aren't we fortunate to have him to set us straight?