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Thursday, September 06, 2007

Thompson's Bold Vision

By Dennis Byrne

As Fred Thompson proclaimed his presidential candidacy on NBC's "Tonight Show," the most telling moment came when he sparked wild cheering as he spoke this truth: America has laid down more of its blood and treasure in the cause of freedom than all other countries combined.


If Thompson's advisors don't know what his campaign theme should be, they know it now. It is, indeed, a grand and visionary statement that leaves all opponents of both parties quibbling in the dust over the details of public policy and personal qualifications

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Anonymous said...

Spare me the jingo. It is a pity that the Native Americans did not get to share America's vision of democracy. It took some time for the African slaves too. And to compare the immoral asset-grab that is Gulf War Mk.II with World War II is frankly laughably simplistic.

Fact is, the only freedom that the US is interested in is the freedom to pursue its own economic interests at the expense of the rest of the world; the freedom of market forces and of conflict investment: "Who are we to say how people should live or die? The only interesting question is: who will prevail, and will they do business with us".

For a political commentator, your views seem stunningly naive or at least casually skip over vast pieces of complex history. Can the fairy tale. John Wayne is dead and these are not the Sunday Matinée movies. There's a complex world out there and the US is nobody's hero.

Anonymous said...

One sound bite and your sold! You are simple aren't you.

Anonymous said...

Yea, I heard that too, but is it true? WWI, US: 116,708 military deaths, 757 civilian Deaths; Britain, 885,138 military deaths, 109,000 civilian deaths, WWII, US: 407,316, military deaths; Soviet Union, 8,805,345 military deaths. Further, the US has never had a war on its soil - well outside the Civil war. We have also never had our cities bombed - outside 9/11 (which were not bombs).

Random Numbers said...

So Stalin was a freedom fighter? Tell that to the Poles, Hungarians, Czechs, Georgians, etc...

Anonymous said...

Correction - we were bombed at Pearl Harbor. More accurately, our cities have never been bombed. Dennis, take note – admit your mistakes.

lake county democrat said...

Dennis, by this standard it means that the USA thinks Africans are sub-human, because unlike England and France, we didn't help clean up our mess in Liberia and while we were willing to spend billions of dollars and thousands of lives to remove Saddam Hussein without waiting for Hans Blix to finish his investigation, we wouldn't put a no-fly-zone in over Darfur (let alone boycott the Olympics over it).

Now if Thompson would cop to this while the Dems and mealymouth GOP'ers won't, I'll be impressed.

Anonymous said...


I truly enjoyed your article on Thompson’s Bold Vision. I personally attended the taping along with 15 other volunteers. We are not part of Thompson’s campaign and do not know if we ever will be. But I can tell you that the Thompson campaign did not plant anyone, at least that we knew of. In fact, when we arrived with our signs and t-shirts a blazing, numerous people in line could not take the signs from us fast enough. Anyway, thanks again for the great article.