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Monday, July 09, 2007

Middle America doing us proud

Their Cities Lead U.S. in Volunteering

When it comes to giving of the most personal kind—volunteering—the Heartland is a standout compared to the coasts. A new report has found that the cities with the highest levels ofr volunteering are largely focused in Middle America.

Volunteer rates in America’s largest cities range from a high of 40.5 percent in Minneapolis-St. Paul to a low of 14.4 percent in Las Vegas. After Minneapolis-St. Paul, the cities with the highest volunteer rates are Salt Lake City, Austin, Texas; Omaha, Neb.; Seattle; Portland, Ore.; Kansas City, Mo.; Milwaukee, Wis.; Charlotte, N.C.; and Tulsa, Okla. The cities with the lowest volunteer rate are Las Vegas; Miami; New York; Virginia Beach, Va.; and Riverside, Calif.

I guess the liberal-leaning New York, Los Angeles and other liberal-dominated coastal cities are simply too busy demanding that someone else—the federal government and taxpayers—do the good works for them.

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lake county democrat said...

Uh, Dennis -- Minneapolis and Austin are among the most liberal cities in America. Have you ever listened to the mayor of Salt Lake City? How about Seattle? Portland? Meanwhile, look at the low scorers: Las Vegas, Miami (conservative anti-Castro population), Virginia Beach -- not exactly Berkelee and Madison.

I think you've been hoisted on your own petrard on this one.

Midwestern Progressive said...

Heh, I logged into comments to point out Byrne's (hardly surprising) foolishness, only to learn that LCD beat me to it.

Using the text he clipped in, to try to make liberals look bad....that was truly a stupid thing to do.

As I say, no surprise from Dennis "one note" Byrne.

I think the term is petard, as in "destroyed by the very device or plot one had intended for another."

Better luck next time, Mr. Byrne.