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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Who's Todd Stroger?

What's that you say? Cook County Board President Todd Stroger snuck out of his office for prostate cancer surgery without telling the public?

It has created quite a tempest in Chicago, about whether the head of a multi-billion-dollar agency governing one of largest counties in the nation owes it to the public to disclose his illness. My only question:

Why does it matter?

Todd Stroger's alleged guardianship of Cook County government has been a joke. A public health care system "in crisis," a huge budget deficit, a bloated payroll openly larded with his relatives in high-paying jobs and with party loyalists. Pathetically, the doctors at his own county hospital--the one named after his father, John--said he ought to go to another hospital for an operation that even a Stroger spokeswoman called "routine."

It doesn't matter if Stroger is at his desk or not. Cynics might even say that the county is better off with him not present.

Everyone wishes him well, knowing--even if Stroger himself and his staff are unwilling to publicly acknowledge--that cancer of any form is a serious matter. And certainly one that requires an elected official to disclose it.

Stroger's attempt to get away with acting as if he has no accountability to his constituents is deplorable. But more deplorable are the Democrats who sheep-like put an obvious incompetent like Stroger in office. They would have elected Dora the Explorer if she was running on the Democratic ticket.

1 comment:

Midwestern Progressive said...

They would have elected Dora the Explorer if she was running on the Democratic ticket.

Respectfully, Dora the Explorer would likely do a better job in the role than Toddler.

Hey, at least she has fewer relatives with which to lard the county payroll.

(Glad I live far away in Kendall County.)