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Monday, February 05, 2007

Obama the Hack

By Dennis Byrne
Human Events

Turns out that Barack Obama, the sainted Democratic presidential hopeful, can be every bit the hack as the next run-of-the-mouth politician.

Not long after announcing the creation of a committee to explore his possible presidential run, the Illinois senator high-tailed it to New Orleans to throw some of the mud left behind by Hurricane Katrina on President George W. Bush.

With due solemnity, Obama joined the chorus of political opportunists blaming Bush's incompetence and indifference for New Orleans' sorry state. Talking to a special hearing of the Senate Homeland Security Committee, Obama said that in the weeks after the hurricane,"an ashamed nation looked at what had been allowed to happen here and said, 'Never again. Never will we turn our backs on these people. Never will we forget what happened here.'" (One would hope that in the future he would never again resort to the cliché "never again.") Money, he said, is "still not reaching ordinary folks" quickly enough. "Until it does, all the numbers, the meetings and the planning that's being done is inadequate."

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Timothy I Mullen said...

I'm impressed! Given that your two blog entries for February both seek to attack Senator Obama with personal, not political criticism, proves that he's getting under the skin of you and your fellow neo-Cons, and that your days are numbered. Enjoy them while you can, before America in January 2009 returns to being the civilised bastion of democracy that it used to be before Bush and his fellow travellers stole the 2000 election from the people!

BeeJiggity said...

Keep it up Mr. Clippers. I like the way you trim it high and tight. On this one again, you got it just right.

The good news for us "wacky Neo-Cons" that one of Saint Obama's biggest strength is that he is quite gracious in his oratory when delivering criticisms.

This makes him seem to be above the fray, but when he really gets rolling, he will have to do things actual politicians do, like take stands and attack opponents. When that happens some of the bloom will fall off of the rose, and a few more people will see that we just have a media savvy leftist who wants more socialist policies.