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Thursday, November 30, 2006

No Room for Nativity Story in Chicago Plaza

By Dennis Byrne

Right on schedule, just before Christmas, a new movie about Christ--the Nativity Story--already has offended, before it's shown.

And for the offense it is expected to cause non-Christians to suffer, the city of Chicago has driven it out of a public plaza in the heart of downtown.

Actually, it's not even the film itself; it's just some video clips promoting the movie, being played during Christkindlmarket, a festival celebrating the birth of the Christ Child that's been held on the Daley Plaza in the city-county government plaza for 10 years.

At first, a city official explained it didn't want the clips shown because it would be "insensitive to the many people of different faiths" who attend the festival or walk through the popular plaza, which is known for its enigmatic Picasso sculpture.

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Midwestern Progressive said...

My gosh! Christmas is under attack, attack, d'ya hear me?

You ask in your column:

"Which one of us is supposed to shut up first?"

Might I humbly suggest that the answer is that you should?

Stephen Schade said...

Mr. Byrne:

This whole notion of being offended by religious expression has been greatly magnified since 9/11. Perhaps people are afraid that such comments will lead to violence. In any event, the word "Christmas" has pretty much fallen out of favor and has been replaced by "holiday." Sadly, any time catastrophe happens, human nature tends to overreact.

southwar said...

Mankind has become his own worst enemy!

We are controlled by idiots and overrun by fools! The last two posters prove this point.

Merry CHRISTmas!!!!

dmlawyer said...

Mr. Byrne, who lives in the suburbs, has suggested in a previous column that Chicago politicians stay out of his suburb.

I might suggest, with respect to the Daley Plaza Nativity issue, that the suburbanite hypocrite Mr. Byrne follow his own advice and stay out of our business here in Chicago.