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Friday, June 16, 2006

Bush Playing Like a Big Leaguer Again

By Dennis Byrne

Oops, President George Bush's approval rating has started to inch back up, so we media need to do something about it.

I got it; let's hint around that Bush was a coward for visiting Baghdad's "Green Zone," the protected American sector but, which we won't mention, is within range of mortars, etc.

News person Claire Shipman beat me to it on ABC's Good Morning America when she concluded her report on the president's surprise trip to Iraq: "There's a flip side of course; the fact that the Baghdad [emphasis not added] hardly suggests a situation nearing stability there."

Back to you Robin Roberts at the anchor desk, for an endorsement: "Good point," Roberts seconded.

Good thing we had Claire to point it out; many people otherwise might have thought that Bush was on a stroll through Ramadi without a flack jacket. If you missed Claire's report, others showed up to remind us that Bush was cowering in an impenetrable stockade. Everyone from the left-wing flamers at the Guardian to Workers World. Which tells you the value of that commentary

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