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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Dem Snow Job

A gleeful Democratic National Committee has discovered that Tony Snow, the new White House press secretary and former Fox News commentator, has in years past been critical of President Bush.

Obviously lying in wait for the happy moment that Snow’s appointment was made official, the DNC rushed out a jubilant press release quoting Snow’s past criticisms of Bush: The president looks guilty (Katrina), is “impotent," an “embarrassment,” and so forth.

This from a party that has criticized Bush for supposedly surrounding himself with yes-men. Imagine the DNC’s joy if Bush had installed as press secretary someone who had never uttered one critical word about Bush, or who had never encountered a single original thought.


BeeJiggity said...
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BeeJiggity said...

This is exactly what I thought! I knew Snow had been a dissenter in some areas, and thought it would be good proof the GWB doesn't want a yes man. He just wants someone on the right who has good sense and a full pair.

Of course the left would see it as a risky move but nothing he could do would be right anyway.
On another note...
Mr Byrne you are a welcome additon to the blogosphere! I've been a fan for some time, and can't wait to hear more from you.

Please take a look at my site and blurb about finding your column in Sunday's Trib.